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About Us

Meet the Administration

Jef Anderson

Owner - Screen Printer

I screen print. I also do web design for the business. I do advertising - though I am not very good at it. I take care of HR and company direction. Yeah, it is hard to say what I do exacltly.
Stefanie Anderson

Owner - Finance

I take care of the money and the rest of life.
Judy Linton

Embroidery Specialist

I do embroidery. I have worked in tailoring and textiles for a long time and now I play with a really fun machine! 

The Team

How will we help you?

Our team includes owners Jef and Stefanie Anderson and embroiderer Judy Linton.
JBC stands for the names of our boys: Jefry, Ben, and Cannon

Meet the Boys


Serving the Lord as a missionary!
Salta, Argentina

Growing into the business
Baby Jefry

Ok, It's true. JBC started when there wasn't yet a baby Jefry.


Easy to Buy

Let us give you the choices you need to make a good decision and be done.
Easy to Contact

Though our hours may be 9-5, you can call our phone numbers early or late and we will be here to service you.
No Hassle Delivery

We will deliver your apparel or promotional products directly to you without charge...unless you prefer to pick them up yourself.
Fast Production

Our production time is usually within 10 days. Usually faster. We will work hard to make your deadline.